Buddhist Temple – Benalmádena Stupa


The path to enlightenment is easy to find in Benalmádena. The Benalmádena Stupa is a wonderful place to get a gorgeous view on the sea. Much is lit at night on the Costa del Sol, but who is looking for the inner enlightenment, should visit the 33-meter high building of the Enlightenment Stupa. A stupa is a monument that should embody the Buddha’s presence on Earth, and the triumph of enlightenment over ignorance, that expresses the origin of suffering.

Ceremonies, Meditation And Drinking Coffee

You´ll  find regular meditations and other spiritual meetings and sessions there. The stupa can be visited admission free. The Stupa is financed by a cafe and a small shop on site. For the inauguration of the largest Western Stupa over 2,000 Kagyu came from 38 countries to Benalmadena Pueblo, to celebrate the opening of the Buddhist temple.

Additional points of interest near the Stupa

A visit to the Mariposario de Benalmádena, the nearby Butterfly Park, gives an insight to the colorful variety of butterflies, caterpillars and flowers in a tropical house.

Website of the Enlightenment Stupa Benalmádena:

Address of the Enlightenment Stupa Benalmádena:

Stupa de la Iluminación en Benalmádena
El Retamar
29639 Benalmádena Pueblo

Opening times:

10:00 – 14:00 clock / 15:30 -19: 00 clock
Closed on Mondays

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