Castillo de Colomares


The Castillo de Colomares in Benalmádena is according to the Guinness Book of Records with 1,500 square meters, the largest monument in honor of the discovery of America. About the Castillo de Colomares, there is another entry in the book of superlatives, because with just 1.96 square meters you will find the smallest chapel in the world.

How old is the Castillo de Colomares?

Who is expecting a historic place here will be misplaced. Between 1987 and 1994 by Dr. Esteban Martín y Martín built with the aid of two bricklayers the monuments. They are a symbiosis of the Byzantine, Romanesque, Gothic and Moorish style in Spanish architecture. Although the Spanish history, religion and culture has been cemented. Without a blueprint …so only with a vision the castle was formed into a replica of the three caravels, with which Columbus sailed to America.

A Trip to the Castillo de Colomares is a Must

The kids love the buildings, because they look like a magic discovery and adventure playground. The views of the coast is beautiful, and the numerous sculptures and buildings provide a perfect setting for the perfect vacation photo. For the tour through the Open Air Museum English Flyers are available.


Finca la Carraca s / n., Crta. Costa del Sol.
29639 Benalmádena, Málaga
Tel 678034011


Adults 2 €
Children / else. Reductions € 1.30

Daily opening times:

Spring 10-14 clock and 16-19 clock
Summer 10-14 clock and 17-21 clock
Fall 10-14 clock and 16-19 clock
Winter 10-14 clock and 16-18 clock

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