Parque la Paloma – Benalmádena


The Parque la Paloma (The Park of the Dove) is located close to the beach of Benalmádena, and Arroyo de la Miel.We recommend a visit of the park to those whose feet are burning in the sand and to those who does not accept a flashy red as a healthy skin color.

When was the park built?

The park was built in the 1980’s to create a green resting point between the concrete bays. There are not only shade-giving trees on green fields, there is so much more to explore.


What to do in Parque la Paloma?

Free-range plush bunnies and an cacti world whose inhabitants seem to be from another planet. Glorious palm trees thrive in this super-tended park. Playgrounds, large ancient stone sculptures, artificial fountains, ponds and small lakes are giving  the visitor peace and the impression of slight coolness on hot days.


Opening Times

The Parque La Paloma is open in summer from 09:00 bis 23:00 o clock,  in winter from 09:00 bis 22:00 o clock.

How to get to Parque La Paloma:

The park has 5 entrances which were named after the continents. From the beach you reach the park via the Puerto Europe. This entrance is located on the corner of Avda. Del Parque and Avda. Federico Garcia Lorca.

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